Learn the formulas...

...then let a spreadsheet do the calculations

An important step in your design career

Knitters and crocheters are both welcome! Some familiarity with making sweaters or designing projects is helpful but not required. You will need to have access to MS Excel, Google Sheets, or another up-to-date spreadsheet application.

In the four weeks of this live virtual class, you will:

  • Learn the math needed to calculate lengths and widths
  • Learn how to calculates rates of increase and decrease, curves, and other types of shaping
  • Develop your own re-usable spreadsheet "modules" that will enable you to:
    • grade for multiple sizes at once
    • double-check your calculations
    • convert measurements to metrics
    • automatically round numbers
    • accurately cut and paste a series of numbers into another application
    • and more
  • Discuss the mechanics of sweaters and sweater shaping
  • See a demonstration of multiple ways to use spreadsheets in your design work (it's not just for sweaters)
  • Complete homework between each class to enhance your understanding of the concepts
  • Not able to attend at the class time? No worries! The class will be recorded and you will have access to the recorded classes for a limited time.

Most importantly, this class will give you the tools to confidently calculate basic sweater design math.

Class is currently being offered at the following times:
Live class is currently ongoing and is not open for registration. It will be available again in November, 2022. Click on the "register now" button for more information and to be notified of when the next course offering is launched.


Advice from an Expert

Edie has been designing knit and crochet patterns for over 25 years. She has been teaching for 20+ years, and tech editing for almost 20 years. Her passion is making patterns as understandable as possible to the greatest number of crafters possible. She wants everyone, from the absolute beginner to the advanced professional designer, to be confident in their skills.

One way she does that is to help designers and teachers craft their written patterns to be clear and accurate. Well-written patterns make for happy crafters!